Thinking Of Hiring A Baby Sleep Consultant? Some Considerations
Thinking Of Hiring A Baby Sleep Consultant? Some Considerations

Caring for a newborn at home can be one of the most challenging tasks that adults will ever face. There are sleep schedules that are disrupted - and that's not the only hurdle that will have to be cleared. But the sleep issue is front and center for new parents. All babies have different sleep patterns, so figuring out techniques that optimise that pattern can be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, help is close at hand. If you are desperately in search of professional advice (for toddlers or infants), then a sleep consultant such as The Sleep Genie can help your bundles of joy (and you) enjoy a more restful existence.

So What Exactly is a 'Baby Sleep Consultant'?

Baby sleep consultants are also known as baby sleep coaches and they take a common-sense approach to helping your infant fall asleep - and stay asleep for longer periods. However, before we examine the basics of what these professionals bring to the table we need to understand what they are not. Some parents are of the mistaken belief that the consultant will arrive as the sun goes down and immediately begin trying out various options and sleep training techniques. In reality, that's not how your consultant will handle infant or toddler sleep issues.

More often than not the sleep consultant will develop a unique plan for the infant. this will be shared with the caregivers. There will then be a series of follow-up consultations. These sessions will usually occur in your home - but there is an option for online video conferencing. The consultations will also suit your diary - they are almost inevitably scheduled for daylight hours.

What are the Reasons a Baby Sleep Consultant is a Good Idea?

Here are some excellent (and common) reasons why seeking help simply makes sense:

Waking up Frequently. If your baby is still waking up several times during the night after six months then this may be a habit, rather than a result of hunger.

Issues at Naptime. An erratic nap schedule, short naps, or a refusal to take naps at all will almost inevitably mean an overtired baby - and putting a baby in that sleep in the evening can be almost impossible. If the infant does fall asleep it will most often mean a night of poor-quality rest.

Bedtime Battles. As toddlers mature they will seek to assert themselves at bedtime - and the classic 'Toddler Bedtime Battle' will commence. Caregivers will quickly realise that those bundles of joy do not take prisoners.

The Family Bed. Sharing a bed with an infant or a toddler will lead to a sub-standard night's rest. If your baby or toddler refuses their crib and demands your bed it may be time to ask for help.

Waking Early. Waking up long before the day is due to commence will impact negatively the lives of parents. Getting things done late at night becomes a problem, and the 'early-riser' habit leaves parents exhausted.

Difficulty Getting Back to Sleep. A baby consultant has a variety of techniques that parents can employ in order to ensure that the baby will get back to sleep after waking for a long stretch during the night.

When is it Time to Hire a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Many parents plan ahead and retain the services of a baby sleep consultant in the early days of infancy. This ensures that good sleep habits are formed from the outset. However, some parents simply reach breaking point, for instance, a three-year-old who simply takes over the family bed is something that might require a professional helping hand. There's no right or wrong time to get a baby sleep consultant on board.

Finding the Right Baby Sleep Consultant

Once you are clear in your own mind about the level of external support you need in order to ensure that your baby sleeps soundly the entire night, then you are ready for the next step. The interviewing process. First, do a little research online. Reach out to local parenting groups to get their recommendations and opinions of service providers. That initial meeting with a potential baby sleep consultant is the ideal time to ask all those questions that have been nagging at you. Get to know the person, their style, and the approach that they take to developing effective infant sleep habits. That meeting will give you a good idea if the person sitting across from you is a perfect match for your family.

That is key. The perfect baby sleep consultant will give you a feeling of comfort - and confidence that they have everything in hand. They will demonstrate that they have your goals in mind at all times - and that they are willing to go that extra mile to help you achieve those goals.