5 Great Reasons to Visit Egypt
5 Great Reasons to Visit Egypt

Egypt is home to the oldest and most enigmatic of human structures and civilizations and a perfect destination for those looking for excitement and mystery.

While some travellers still consider this great North African nation to be an unsafe destination this false notion is rapidly disappearing into the past. The truth is that there is no reason to feel afraid or nervous about visiting this unforgettable land. There are planned tours that offer a safe and comfortable way to visit Egypt.

Sadly, many people will be discouraged by antiquated notions and may miss out on a trip to this spectacular land by favouring a more familiar location. But if you are willing to take the plunge and immerse yourself in a beautiful land filled with exotic surprises, you will not be disappointed.

Here are some of the typo reasons that you should visit Egypt for your next vacation.

1. Warm Hospitality

One of the impressive aspects of any trip to Egypt is the warmth and hospitality of the Egyptian people. Travellers consistently comment on how welcome and comfortable they feel as they travel through this remarkable nation. Expect to return home with tales of the overwhelming generosity of the Egyptian people. It is not uncommon for travellers to be invited to the homes of the people they meet to share an exquisite Egyptian meal. Gifts and delightful goods are often offered by friendly bazaar traders. This next-level generosity is something that has been all but lost in many of the more “sensible” vacation destinations.

2. Unique Experiences

In Egypt, you will find experiences, unlike anything you can find in the rest of the world. Whether you will be cruising the Nile in a riverboat, traversing the desert on the back of a camel, or floating over the Great Pyramids in a hot air balloon you will thrill to sights, sounds, and sensory experiences unlike anything you have ever seen in your life.

Then you can begin ticking off all those incredible locations you have placed on your bucket list. Your experienced Egyptologist guide will accompany you as you marvel at the great Sphinx, Royal Tombs, Luxor Temple, Abu Simbel, and many more locations. You can even try a sample of the awesome Nubian culture as you connect with the locals you meet as you search for hidden treasures in the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. Be sure to plan a day to explore the fabulous Kitchener Islands of the Nile.

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3. Lack of Crowds

Another thing you are sure to love about your trip to Egypt is the complete lack of crowds that are a common and unpleasant aspect of visiting most of the most popular tourist attractions. Even though you will be visiting some of the most popular attractions on Earth, you will never feel like you are fighting your way through a throng of other vacationers or rushed when getting a good view of intricate details you will find on your way. Even the most amateur of travellers will appreciate this luxury.

4. Opportunities to Support Locals

A trip to Egypt is also a great way to support the local economy. You will be able to buy food and goods from local vendors and take the time to chat with people and learn more about their trades and lives. The gift of kindness is one of the most highly valued treasures that await in the land of Egypt.

5. Value for Money

There are not many places in the world that you can visit and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience without breaking the bank. Egypt still holds the time-honoured practice of haggling in high regard and you will be able to negotiate prices as you collect gifts and souvenirs of your trip to this great land.