Five commercial business reasons to rent a laptop computer
Five commercial business reasons to rent a laptop computer

The hire and rental market for laptop computers has been buoyant since the end of the pandemic. Flexible working and in-person events have driven demand for portable and flexible computer power.

But economic uncertainty leads to caution around the leadership table, with investment decisions being cancelled or deferred. Capital expenditure budgets, including that for IT and laptops, are being tightened. With that background, here are five reasons to hire or rent laptops rather than buy them.

  1. The choice, specification and quantity of laptops needed remains the same whether you hire, rent or buy them. If you know exactly what you want, ask for it. If you are happy to be guided by the experts at the hire company, do that.
  2. If the trading conditions in your business deteriorate, you are not left with unused laptops and peripherals you have paid for when cash is tight.
  3. If the trading conditions improve in your business, conversely, you go back to the hire company and simply order more of what you need for as long as you need it.
  4. There are no unnecessary storage or transport costs as the hire company both keep the laptops and ship them to wherever they are needed, be it to an event, an office, or to someone's home.
  5. You always have the right specification of laptop for the job in hand. For example, a graphic designer in marketing will need a very different machine to that of a cashier in accounts, working mainly on spreadsheets. 

Whether you need to hire one laptop for one day, or 100 laptops for a year, contact a rental company and ask how they can help you and your business. 

Here are three laptop hire companies to consider.

Hire Tek Solutions (London)

Tel: 020 7476 0086 Email: 

Quality Rental (Scotland and Northern England)

Tel: 01355 699077 Email: 

Tek Hire (England and Wales)Tel: 0345 230 0835 Email: