Reasons to Do a Beach Clean
Reasons to Do a Beach Clean

Implementing Transformation

By actively participating in the act of litter picking, you can immediately make a difference to the surrounding environment and contribute towards future environmental campaigns. The data that you collect from a 100-meter section of the beach will be compiled by the Marine Conservation Society, which can then be used to advocate for change. Such data has previously been used to campaign for the implementation of a 5p bag charge, which has been effective in reducing the number of plastic bags found on beaches by 55%. This is indeed impressive!

Engaging in Group Activities - Enjoyable for Everyone!

By engaging in litter picking, not only can you contribute positively to a good cause, but it can also be enjoyable. If you choose to do it alone, make sure to prepare by downloading some engaging podcasts or playlists to listen to with large headphones. Alternatively, you may opt to participate in a group litter-picking activity and socialize with environmentally conscious individuals. This will make time fly by while enabling you to make a difference.

Families could choose to spend a day and involve their children in activities that can help them become more aware of the impacts of littering on the environment while also making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. You can also use spend your company volunteering days in these beach cleaning activities. However, it's important to complete a consent form for those under 16 before enrolling.

Assisting in the preservation of marine life

During the previous year's beach cleanups, it was discovered that approximately 30% of the rubbish collected was composed of single-use plastic products, such as PPE and face masks. Although these have protected human life, they have also contributed to the pollution of marine ecosystems, posing a danger to marine animals. Your beach cleanup efforts can help reduce the amount of plastic and other waste that ends up in our waters, potentially saving the lives of animals that would otherwise consume, choke on, or become entangled in litter.

Maintaining cleanliness on beaches is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone on the beach

By keeping the beaches clean, not only are you helping marine life, but you are also creating a safer environment for everyone and everything to enjoy. This includes dogs, foxes, and even young children who may be tempted to pick up litter and potentially harm themselves by eating or playing with it. Although animals and infants may not be able to distinguish between what is safe and potentially dangerous, ensuring that they are not exposed to harmful items, such as bottle caps, wooden cutlery, and plastic bags, provides peace of mind.

A hygienic shore is pleasing to the eye

A pristine shoreline has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the surrounding area and the quality of the photos captured. Upon arrival at the beach, individuals desire to view a beautiful sandy shoreline and crystal clear blue waters, and it can be quite unpleasant when garbage heaps are visible instead. It is unfortunate for any location to suffer from such poor sanitary conditions.

Participating in an activity that can bring about change can be satisfying, particularly when the difference is immediately noticeable during litter collection. It is important to recognize that the work you do and the actions you take will have a lasting impact, even if you are not aware of it. Your contribution is significant, as every piece of litter that is collected and all data gathered will be useful for future initiatives that aim to make a positive impact on the world, both in the near and distant future. This is certainly a cause for celebration!