How The Use Of Drones Can Boost Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies
How The Use Of Drones Can Boost Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Ever thought about using drones to capture photos of a real estate property you are about to list? Drone photography has opened up a new way of revealing a property's best qualities and providing the listing with an edge in the market. In addition, it enables prospective buyers to accurately see how the property looks.

Almost all the time, the advantages of using drones to capture photos and create staging videos will considerably surpass the cost. Drone photography can help even an independent real estate agent to bolster the number of properties they sell and get a higher price in the market.

The Main Advantages of Drone Photography

Drone photography can help in the following ways:

Create a lasting impact on your buyers by using high-quality and expert photography to make your listing unique and impressive. Often, home buyers expect to see the usual ground-level pictures; therefore, aerial shots provide an exclusive and wholesome experience. The additional effort and resources spent capturing professional and detailed images convey that the property is distinct and deserves a second look.

Display the property in its full context. Showing the context of the property helps prospective buyers envision how the surrounding looks. With drone photography, you can display the property’s features that cannot be captured in ground-level pictures. For example, you can show the total size of the land where the house is sitting and its situation in relation to other properties.

Focus on the property’s strong features, such as proximity to a waterfront location, a swimming pool, or a well-manicured garden. Noting these features in the property description or capturing them in ground-level pictures is not enough to make a lasting impact on the buyer.

Sway Prospective Sellers. Many property owners looking for your help to sell their property will often look at and gauge how well you have listed other people’s properties for sale. Drone photography can help you produce high-quality pictures and sway them to seek professional services over your competition.

Produce video tours of the property and its location. Drones can help take pictures and videos of the property for sale. Therefore, you can create a unique tour video showing the property and its impressive features.

Practical Uses Of Drone Photography In Real Estate Marketing

When selling a luxury property. Here, the objective is to show the property’s impressive qualities to prospective buyers more effectively. By producing high-quality pictures, you demonstrate your commitment and attention to your real estate marketing plan, instilling confidence to buy the property.

Indicating the boundaries of the property. Drone photography can be beneficial when you must show the boundaries of a property for sale next to other properties on an expansive estate, ranch, or farm. Once you have taken aerial photographs of the property, you can outline its boundary lines and help prospective buyers know the extent of the property.

A quick inspection of the property’s roofing and gutter structures. Drone photography can be used to show potential buyers the roofing, particularly when you need to prove it is in good condition or when it has been recently renovated. The buyer will appreciate aerial photography as a way of inspecting the roof.

The property’s proximity to a park, public transport, school, or other amenities. With drone photography, you can easily show the property's proximity to relevant amenities and services that increase the demand for the property. For example, potential buyers with young children may be delighted to know and see a play park near the property they want to buy. Also, a young working couple can be thrilled more by a property near a Whole Foods Market or the local sports center.

What Is The Cost Of Drone Photography?

There are two alternatives: you can hire a professional photographer to take the pictures, shoot and produce the video, or invest in a good drone for yourself.